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I am Gary Alford, an independent broker, and I have been specializing in Medicare supplements since 2002. My resident MS. insurance license number is 212778, and I am also licensed in many other states. Whether you are on a fixed income, you need to make every dollar count, and I can save you money! Six months before you turn 65, up to six months after you turn 65, you can get a Medicare supplement from any supplemental insurance company, no health questions asked, and preexisting conditions don't apply. Your coverage can start as early as the 1st day of your 65th birth month or the 1st day Medicare part B is effective. This is your open enrollment period.

We represent many companies, including AARP, AETNA, Banker's Fidelity Life Ins. Co., CIGNA, Equitable Life and Casualty, Manhattan Life, Mutual of Omaha, Gerber Life, Pekin Life, Philadelphia American, Thrivent, etc. We can also help you with Medicare Part D prescription coverage. Household discounts are available from the below pricing.

What we offer

Medicare Coverage

If you are beginning your journey into Medicare, you may be feeling overwhelmed with everything there is to learn. There are particular enrollment periods for Medicare, so if you are approaching your 65th birthday or retiring soon, you need to begin making decisions about your Medicare options. You’ll need to know terminology unique to Medicare and the differences between the types of plans available to you.

The first step is understanding what Original Medicare is and what kind of benefits it provides.

Health Insurance

There’s no way around it. Health insurance is confusing! How do you pick the right plan? Why did you get that unexpected bill? What are you paying for, after all? We’re going to break down some of the more confusing parts of health insurance.

Life Insurance

Each life insurance policy is different, and each state’s laws regulating insurance policies are other. Before purchasing a life insurance policy, you should consult with a life insurance professional.

New Agency Partner

We have partnered with Bobby Brock Insurance to extend our services and mission to serve more people.

Bobby Brock Insurance acquired the agency, including the Southaven Office, current customer list, and intellectual property. Gary will remain on as a consultant and benefactor of the business. The partnership is a no-brainer, as our mission and effort align exceptionally well.

All agents needing a home should consider the Gurus at Bobby Brock Insurance by going to

We work with all life, Medicare, health insurance, and Annuity products as a nationally recognized marketing and training organization.

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Justin Brock is an agent who has built a 1000 Person agency that practices what they preach. If you’re looking for training, look no further. We know the drill with Medicare and Final Expense telesales and in-person sales from marketing to sales.